Breakfast in Bread

This month has been focused on me trying to get in shape ahead of the summer, which has meant I haven’t been dining out as much as I usually do. However, this has all changed. I have been on a bit of a whirlwind food adventure the past week and have some super exciting spots that I have to share with you, and will do over a series of posts on this blog.

Starting with The Barge House. Situated in Haggerston on a cute little canal, in the heart of hipster territory, this cool, modern bar is the ideal place for a show stopping brunch. My fellow foodie admirer Rosie, whose Instagram is the definition of food porn, texted me to say we had to try this place out after she’d seen pictures of it online. Last Saturday, hungover as hell (my bedtime hour was 5.30am), I somehow managed to travel the hour + distance from Barnes to Hoxton and arrived at 11am (ish).

Sitting just in from the door, which was a bad move as the weather was horrifically grey and drizzly, instead of ordering prosecco or bloody mary’s, we opted for the sober option of green juice and coffee. Both of us had already made our minds up on what we were having, mainly because I’d been drooling over the menu all week whilst at work.

The Barge House is known for their “Breakfast in Bread” weekend brunch offering, which comprises of a bespoke sourdough loaf, perfectly round and artisan, filled to the brim with delectable produce. There are four options available, the original, the vegetarian, smoked salmon and hot stuff. If you know me, you know my adoration for fish so I knew I had to try the smoked salmon. The massive loaf is packed with spinach, mushroom, leek, smoked salmon, crème fraiche and topped with a free range egg, finished off with a sprinkling, or as I would call it, a smattering of cheese.

I have made something similar at home many a time, but my bread baskets are tiny in comparison and are no where near as perfected as these are. Slicing my knife through the crusty bread, the runny yolk combined with the crème fraiche and salmon were all my brunch dreams come true in one. The surprise sweetness of the tomato, the slight bitterness to the leek, all complimented by the cheese saw me somehow eat the whole thing (albeit it did take me around 25 minutes). Rosie ordered the same, and finished it too, and we were both in food comas for the rest of the day.

The service is on top form, we had friendly waiters who were mightily impressed at our efforts of finishing it off. I’ll be returning on a sunnier day and eating my breakfast in bread on the canals, watching the world go by, hopefully less hungover but equally prepared to eat everything in front of me.


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